THIS I COMMAND! 28mm Serpentor

Serpentor has always been a love and hate character. I did enjoy his early appearances in the comics and the entire concept of his origins. Using the worlds greatest generals DNA to create the perfect leader was a cool idea.  Later tying this to Cobra La pushed the GI Joe series further into Science Fiction and even fantasy.So here is the Emperor himself with his Sky ChariotOutside of the Joe Headquarters, Serpentor personally leads the attack!The sky chariot is armed with twin auto cannons.The flying stand is from a Hot Wheels Star Wars toy.Able to provide a mobile command platform.The chariot has a magnet mounted underneath to hold Serpentor who is mounted on a small metal base to it.The flight stand also has a magnet mounted on it.This secured everything nicelyTHIS I COMMAND!!The slotta base has a magnet mounted underneath it so that Serpentor can dismount and command from the ground.A view of the ChariotLeading the vanguard! A Mark VI HISS providing close support.More to come,Doc

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