Adeptus Arbites

Last spring I painted up a bunch of old I-Kore Void figures and called them "Adeptus Arbites". In truth, they would be better stand-ins for Local Enforcers... The Adeptus Arbites, I have since figured out, are more like a "Federal" police force - like the FBI in the United States or the RCMP in Canada (except that the RCMP are also detailed to do local law enforcement in large parts of rural Canada...), whereas Enforcers are more like local/municipal police forces.I imagine the Adeptus Arbites, though there certainly would be some posted on Necromunda, would give very little care for anything going on in the Underhive - they would be keeping their eye on Lord Helmawr and the big movers and shakers in the upper hive or spire that might be committing Imperial crimes... I guess they might show up in the Underhive to chase down a particularly nasty criminal that's tried to elude Imperial justice by escaping downhive.Adeptus Arbites! Most of these are old metal models from Citadel Miniatures on newer Sector Imperi

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