On The Seven Seas by Chris Peers

In an an earlier post I said that I would give more details of my recent trip to Oxford. On The Seven Seas - Osprey Wargames No. 7 was picked up for a couple of pounds in a second hand book store in Woodstock on the day that we visited Blenheim to see the Shakespeare play. For such a bargain price - I thought it was worth a punt and have to say that I have enjoyed reading it. It has spurned me on to start thinking about how I could used the hundreds of Flintloque dwarf miniatures that I have painted up for The Great Sauerkraut Wars as I think small independent bands of dwarves with flintloques and blunderbusses would work well with the system of small units led by strong captains that is the core of these rules.For more details of The Great Sauerkraut Wars, see this link.On The Seven Seas by Chris PeersWargame Rules for the Age of Piracy and Adventure c. 1500 - 1730Osprey Wargames No. 7Published by Osprey Publishing in 201464 page card bound booklet/rulesIllustrated by Steve Noon with lots of Angus McBri

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