Tumbling Dice '74' Test Build

HMS Superglue cleared for actionThe various bitsBefore filing and sandingReady for the SuperglueAttaching the sailsLining it all upJib Sails and Sprit Sails addedA Stern View (very old joke that one)I grabbed half an hour or so this afternoon to test build one of the Tumbling Dice 1/2400th scale 74 gun 3rd Rates, prior to starting an assembly line for the eight others that I'm planning to glue together. The various pieces were cleaned up with a craft knife, files and a sanding stick, ready to be glued together from the stern forwards once the hull had been attached to the base. The sails went on without too much trouble, although I changed my usual approach and applied the glue to the masts rather than the sails themselves, bending the sails first so that they had a good contact with the masts. The jib sails also had a bit of a trim so that they glued well to the bowsprit at an appropriate angle. This was easily done by truncating the lower points of all three jib sails.The final bit was adding the fiddl

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