Late Theme ADLG lists from Britcon 2019

All of the "late" period army lists, as well as the 25mm lists from this weekend's Britcon event are now published on the ADLG Wiki on's 44 different army lists covering the following 28 armies:Anglo-IrishBerberBulgarBurgundian OrdonnanceCommunal ItalianCondottieriFree CompanyGhaznavidHundred Years War FrenchIlkhanid MongolIndonesian and MalayJurchen-ChinLow CountriesMedieval GermanMedieval HungarianMedieval PolishMedieval ScotsMedieval SpanishMongol EmpireNormans in SicilyOttoman EmpireSamuraiSiamSwissTimuridTuaregWars of the RosesYuan ChineseThe 'early' lists were published earlier later this week.

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