My gaming for the last 12 months (a ramble)

The continuing journey with my rules and gaming in generalJust an update on where I am with my ancients and WW2 gaming that has been light on (understatement) in the last year or two.This is a post on its own – I rarely do posts that are not battle reports.  I was thinking of putting it before the next ancient’s battle report but it is a bit long for that so I have moved it into its own blog post.Short version: 15mm ancients and 6mm WW2 battle report writeups (one each) nearly done.  Using my own rules  More gaming likely to follow as mojo is improved.BackgroundIt has been an interesting 12 months in the world of my gaming.  It has been sort of on pause while we renovated a house. I did a post last year for my priorities for the next few years that can be found at this blog page.  I have had a look and my priorities are still the same.We moved into the new renovations early July but there is still stuff to do (there will always be stuff to do!).  I have had to put some gaming stu

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