New Apocalypse Battle Game

Wow no updates on this blog for a year+. Still gaming though real life does get in the way of games..The gaming group decide to get together again and get some GW 40k games in. With the recent release of new 40k Apocalypse it was a good time to take our armies out for some big battles.Scenario: Apocalyptic CarnageCrazyrat: Chaos 200+PLEngie: Blood Angel Strike force 330+PLSkanwy: Iyanden Warhost 300+PL                                                             We omitted the warzone portion as all of us are still learning the rules and just want to play a vanilla apocalypse game. Anyway we stop the game at end of turn 2 as it was getting late and the Lyanden will triumph eventually as Chaos and BA were withering each other down.IMO what I like about the new 40k Apoc are:very streamline game play, much faster and the system allow a player to not b

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