WW2 6mm game East Front 1942 testing out my own platoon rules

IntroductionPlaying a small 6mm WW2 game on a 2’x2’ table using my own rules converted to cards.RulesThese rules were designed for the 12x12 grid games and are very close to the same rules I playtested in 2018. I have been tweaking the rules just a little and decided that as an experiment I would convert the rules to cards rather than use dice.  I was influenced by Buck Surdu's Combat Patrol.  While I followed the testing of Combat Patrol on his blog, I do not have the game, nor have seen it either.  I simply converted the results in my rules of combat, melee, spotting and morale into 72 cards.  All unique results fit onto 36 cards but just doubled it for ease and greater randomness.  They are printed on paper but if I like it I will glue them to some playing cards.  No dice were rolled during the game.Sample card with results (from top to bottom) for combat, melee, activation/event, spotting, artillery, unit morale, force morale and then a row of various helpful rolls - 1d, dire

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