Napoleonic Naval batrep - The Battle of Asturias 1809

The Battle of Asturias 1809 (off the coast of Asturias)Only 2 Rejects made it for the latest game at Reject HQ, summer holidays and all!!!Postie called and said it was only me and Surj and we'd be playing a Napoleonic Naval game.So I was a little confused when I saw the table above!!Postie explained it was a 2 part game (Oooo how exciting!)I picked out the French and was given the following note.French CommanderYou must stop the British fleet at all costs, if you loses any ship you will withdraw from the action and the British fleet will carry on with its mission. Destroy or disable as many ships as you can.If you reach a certain target you have won.Le Hoche - 76 Gun Flagship Ship of the LineLe Superbe - 74 Gun Ship of the LineMars - 20 Gun CorvetteThe Britsh Fleet consisted of.......Defence 74 Gun Flagship  Ship of the LineAfrica 64 gun Ship of the LineEmpervier 16 Gun BrigAnd three other ship that looked like Merchant ships?Which infact they were....The Amity HallLilyRoseThe British were set up all in

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