Georges le constructeur

With almost all of my buildings on largish scenic bases I find it a challenge to make up some of the maps associated with Chain of Command campaigns, my recent experience of Operation Martlet led me to ordering up two 'stand alone' buildings with small bases to add to my Normandy collection. I chose Charlie Foxtrot models as I know Colin and have gotten 97% of my stuff from him so far, the kits are easy to build and lend themselves to upgrading and personal touches.I have watched Lardy TV and Richard Clarke building and converting a Dark Ops blacksmiths, beautiful but too much effort for me, however I decided to try my had at plastering. Normally I simply paint and brush in some fine sand which works very well. So off I trotted to B&Q or some such hell hole (for me) for a couple of tester paints, a small trowel and a tube of filler. Imagine how perplexed I was when I saw many testers not in pots but in a sealed unit with a sponge on the end, duh. I did manage thankfully to find some tins, so I was set up.

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