The Battle of Gibbet Hill 1461 - A WotR Batrep

It was War of the Roses time at Reject HQ on Sunday. Surj, Lee and myself turned up for the game, with Postie in charge as per usual.I chose to play the Lancastrian's, giving Surj and Lee the Yorkists. we had a pretty even army of 19 units each. Surj threw badly, so the Yorkists had to set up everything before me.And here's the set-upBoth sides had 3 Battles that had to be set up in any of the 3 24 inch tiles.we also had to throw for how far each one set up. I throw 18,12 and 12, which wasn't that good, as Postie said I was the attacker.My left flank, Commanded by the Duke of Northumberland1 unit of Crossbowmen, I unit of Archers, 1 unit of Men at Arms1 unit of Retinue Billmen and 1 unit of Shire Billmen.The Centre (on the hill) was commanded by The Duke of SomersetContaining 1 unit of Men at Arms, 1 unit of Retinue Billmen, 1 unit of Retinue Archers1 unit of Shire Archers and 1 unit of Mounted Couriersand on the right I placed my weakest Battle Commanded by Lord Trollope1 unit of Men at Arms, 1 unit of Retin

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