Battle of Gibbet Hill - War of the Roses 1461

Over the summer I have missed a couple of games at Reject HQ but this Sunday I was able to join my fellow outcasts for a game in the shed-o-war. This time Postie had his War of the Roses figures out and we prepared ourselves for a very bloody clash of arms.The SetupThe order of battle for this game was loosely based on the Battle of Towton (known as the Bloodiest battle ever fought on English soil). The game opened with each commander moving the various commands and redeploying their troops. Each command rolls to see how far onto the table it can deploy and once both have moved their troops the commanders roll for initiative. Order of BattleYorkistc/o EdwardIV (Brilliant) 15" +4   1 -  Men at Arms (Foot)   2 - Retinue Bill   3 - Retinue Archers   4 - Shire Archers   5 - Mounted   6 - Light Gun +4 Crew2nd in command - Earl of Warwick (Plodding) 9" +2   7 - Men at Arms (Foot)   8 - Retinue Archers   9 - Shire Bil

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