Imperial Roman Army assembles (part 1)

Afternoon AllFollowing the arrival of the Ancient British army its about time to start on their conquerors...I am of course talking about the Imperial Roman Army.This force will consist of one legion with 10 cohorts (each cohort comprising 20 figures on 5cm x 5cm bases), their associated scorpions, and of course the auxiliaries (infantry, archers and cavalry). By the time I am finished I am to have around 24 units in play.Of course I have to start with the core of the army the heavy infantry. These are all plastic warlord drawn from boses of their standard infantry and veteran. I have sourced these over the last six months on ebay paying around 50p per figure. I know folks are raving about the Victrix models but I just cannot justify the cost.So this weekend I assembled the lot - about 280 figures including command stands.These have all been glued using pva to 2p coins and washers to aid painting and priming. Once complete they get moved off their temporary base onto the mdf movement bases. The figures have a

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