First Fight in the new war-games room !

As the new house gets gradually sorted out and my study takes shape, I got Steve C around today for a game of Sharp Practice, something we haven't played for a while.The British are sweeping up the table and get a head start before the French can react.Four out of five groups are on and heading towards the French positionsThe "Light Bobs" dashing ahead through some light woodsThe British commander has four groups formed into two formations with a fifth group flanking them on the leftThe Light troops have reached the stream near the orchardbut now the French react - two formations of line troops plus two groups of Voltigeurs advance as quick as they canThey reach the first of the woods and the French light troops begin to advance through the treesThe French commander orders a volley from his front formation - its devastating with four of the British killed outright.and now the French light troops emerges from the treesThe British light troops need to get out of here before its too late !The left hand British g

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