General d'Armee at the club

Les had organised this game at Essex Warriors a couple of weeks ago but I've not got around to blogging the game.Steve S had the French attacking force and I the Austrians defenders, Les umpired.Austrians on the left, French the rightThe French have to drive the Austrians from the high groundWhere their general observes the approaching FrenchAustrian skirmishers occupy the ruined churchin front of the high groundAustrian artillery commence firing at the enemyThe French Imperial Guard attack on their right, including the ruins which the Austrian skirmishers decide to abandon Now Steve's left flank attack develops but the Austrian infantry counter chargeThey are holding off the French hereand initially, the Austrians fighting the Imperial Guard give good account of themselves The French fail to break through on their leftbut the ruins having been occupied by French infantry threatens the Austrian position behindSadly, for the Austrians two of their four regiments on the left retreat from the fight - w

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