BOYL 2019 - Terminator: Apotheosis

Hi All,My last report from BOYL 2019. The Sunday game was a relaxed affair as we were all winding down from a tour de force weekend. Cheetor ran this game using the rules from some boxed Terminator game. I can't keep it straight which one it was, but the figures and terrain were great and the rules pretty straight forward.After a quick explanation we were off to save the future, or was that the past? Who knows?On a technical note, I did all the comicifying and special effects in photoshop. I think I need to work on the technique a little more, but I like the results overall. All the text was added when I did the panels in Comic Life 3.I'll most likely post a little bit about my new comic process and then hopefully about stuff I'm working on for upcoming games.Thanks for looking.Happy hobbying.

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