[EN/PL] The Ranger and the Gnome (Oldhammer Games Workshop)

 Hello everyone!Back to the 80s to minis that are calmly my teenagers (Gnome is!) today.I have a really big fondness for old Games Workshop models.        I have nice associations with the first sessions in WFRP, which we passionately created in the mid-90s, delighting with these old models on the chalk pages of the rulebook.       That is why, from time to time, I will buy a really oldhammer mini and remember it while painting.I invite you to watch Ranger (C07 series) with long bow and Gnome (C11 series 1985) today.Witam serdecznie!Dziś powrót do lat 80tych do figurek, które spokojnie są moimi równolatkami (Gnom jest!).Mam naprawdę duży sentyment do starych modeli Games Workshop.        Mam miłe skojarzenia z pierwszymi sesjami w WFRP, które namiętnie tworzyliśmy w połowie lat 90tych, zachwycając tymi starymi modelami na kredowych stronach podręcznika.       Dlatego też, od czasu

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