Looking for Missing History Case 1

A bit of an odd title actually, yet it isn't.You see, memories and nostalgia are a curious thing.  Ever so often, they pop up, and one starts to wonder about what happened to it.To that end, I'm looking for some things from my wargaming past, things I am rather proud off, things that had great fun... but also unfortunatly things that are in the first case part of the pre-internet days.The First Case: Ranking Der Nederlanden year 1Long before there was T3, TSA was at the founding steps of what would become De Ranking Der Nederlanden.  Bundling the efforts of several clubs, a championship that ran over the course of a year was formed, and all the results would count together into a year ranking.In that first year, 6 tournaments where held for Warhammer Fantasy, and in later years Warhammer 40k joined in as well as the numbers of tournaments expanded.  Held in both Belgium and The Netherlands, this resulted in some big scale events and some awesome stories to tell.But, unfortunatly the first 2 yea

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