The Pearl of the Antillies. - The Haiti Campaign - The 2nd Battle for Bahon 10th August 1791

After the first battle 4 days had past, the French under Viscount de Blanchelande starred out from the stockade, he had been bolstered by additional troops but was unable to stop the forces of Dutty Boukman as they surrounded the fort.Dawn on the 10th August and French pickets rang the alarm as groups of armed slaves appeared from various points around the fort, the insurgents crept forward reaching the dead ground in the shadow the of the stockade. The slave army knew the French were in there but no soldiers were seen.The slaves armed with sticks, knives and axes moved through the tall grass. As they reached open ground the French rose up from their positions and left off a round of cannister from the fort together with a volley from the Militia to deadly effect. The slaves retreated back down the hill as quick as they had come on.On the far left Blanchelande unmasked his war dogs as the hounds strained at the leash they were sniped at by skirmishers from the under growth, the dogs set off in a deadly game o

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