The Battles of Schwedt - 1758

Reject HQ saw two battles over the weekend when I faced off against Mr Rousell (of Don't throw a One fame) in a set of linked games set in the seven years war. Postie has been running a few games like this recently, with a smaller game determining advantage to the winner in the second game, and it made for an interesting days gaming. The SetupAs usual, we started by picking out of a metaphorical hat for sides, and I got the Russians while Ray would be the Prussians. I was clearly going to have my work cut out fighting a more experienced player and a better army (+1 morale rating for most of their troops, because they are better trained). I wasn't going to make it easy for Ray and if the dice gods looked on me favourably I might just pull off a win.... I'm all for positive thinking! Game One (Battle of Schwedt Woods) Order of BattlePrussian Reconnaissance Force  2nd Hussars (6th Battalion)  4th Hussars (7th Battalion)  Bosniacks (8th Battalion)Russian Reconnaissance Force  Jo

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