White Dwarf October 2019

Another month, and while I wasn`t able to attend this year's Parade Day, I did drop by the store to pick up the newest copy of the magazine.And as always, I`m doing a flickthrough, marking in bold the articles that intrest me and I`ll be having a look at later on.As always, it starts with the Editorial, Contact and Reader's Models.And then we go to the Worlds of Warhammer, Phil Kelly's column that tackles forty facts about AoS this time round.The Age of Sigmar section itself kicks off with Rules of Engagement, Jervis takes a look at the Luck factor in our games this issue.Two sets of rules this month, one for AoS and one for 40k, and with the Tome Celestial we kick off with the AoS one: The Host of Syll'Esske, a Slaaneshi demon force.  And of course a joining Paint Splatter.The Duality of Vengeance is a piece of fiction about Slaanesh followers, tying in nicely with the above.In Fantastical Realms it is time this month to take a look at the Realm of Heaven, Azyr.Moving on to the 40k section of the magazi

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