Battle of Edgehill 1642 - The Action

This is the second post on our recent refight of the Battle of Edgehill, the first, last week covered the set up for the game, orbats, rules etc with a video run through of the table set up, if you missed it, click the link below, will let the pictures tell most of the story, apologies for the number of pics but I think it explains things better than paragraph after paragraph of prose.The Battle plan of both sides was pretty much the same as the actual battle, the Royalist would launch both wings of Cavalry forward at their opposing Parliamentary wings (after engaging the Dragoons on the Roundhead flanks with similar troops), send the infantry forward and try and break into the rebel lines in the hope that Rupert and the boys would be back before tea to round things off nicely for the King.Above we see Prince Rupert leading forward his Cavalry with his own and Prince Maurices units in the fore, orders Advance to HC (Hand to

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