Black Seas fleets finished

A couple of postings ago I wrote that I was working on constructing, painting and rigging a couple of fleets of ships for Warlord’s Black Seas game. Well, they’re finished! In the picture above you can see a French third-rate ship taking on a similar British vessel, whilst in the background a small Spanish brig scurries away. My fleets consist of the three sizes of ship shown here, from the large third-rate at the back, to the frigate, and finally the small brig in the front. This photo also gives a good view of the rigging. It was a bit fiddly to do, but worth it for the overall effect. The French and British third-rates get to grips, whilst two brigs hover in the background. The shrouds and ratlines for climbing the masts are clear plastic. Most of the time this looks fine, but occasionally they shine when the light hits them. I did try painting some of them with matt varnish, but they ended up cloudy – not recommended! The sterns of the third-rate and the frigate are very ornate, and

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