Beneath the Lily Banners

Yesterday, I went to Rafael's place to try out "Beneath the Lily Banners" his current favourite set of rules for the Tricorne period.He'd set up a British v French scenario - but no pikes in these units, just muskets ! Rafael took the French army.The French are defending, cavalry on both wingsThe British and Allies are on the attackHere's the British commanderand this is the French oneeach side had two artillery piecesand the French guns start to play havoc with the Allied cavalryUndaunted, the Allies press forwardFrench troops are positioned behind a wood which dominates the centre of the battlefieldBritish cavalry begin a charge down the right flankthe whole brigade has been ordered forwardFrench Swiss troops are stationed beside the right hand French gunThe British have chased off one enemy cavalry unit but more are coming upThe Swiss are advancing - I thought they were defending !a cavalry clash on the British left flankas more and more pile into the cavalry melee out on our right flankthe French eventual

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