The Operations Room is now up and running and all the major work has been completed after months of preparation. It's taken a lot longer than I had hoped because I have been waiting for some furniture to arrive, but now all is in place and I can start using the room for painting, gaming and of course updating my blog. Nothing is ever fully 'finished' though, and I suspect we wargames know this more than anyone else. Let's just call it a work in progress! I now have lots of storage for modelling materials and finished projects. My games table is only modest in size but is more than adequate for 6mm wargaming and small skirmish games. The Padawan and I are already looking forward to more games here, away from the distractions of the family room downstairs (TV mostly). This picture has already been seen when I posted my first Batrep from the room earlier this week. Overlooking the table is my picture wall with various items of artwork to inspire me. I have Alexander and Hanibal looking down on me.

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