Gaslands Slime Team

I’ve an upcoming Gaslands game and decided to do some conversion work and make up a 50 can Slime team.Let me introduce th Dank Trank and SideburnsThe Dank Trank is a Ford chassis on a treadsThe crew and turret are from Stan Johanson games in their Road Warrior section and scales perfect.In addition to a Ram and a turreted HMG, there are extra crew with a shotgun and MolotovsThe treads in game will give the truck better handling but reduce its max speed.Sideburns is a bike with side car also fromStan Johanson miniatures.I’ve added a flamethrower on a side mount for some drive by burnings!The flamer is from a Heavy Gear weapon pack.Although not as durable as a car, the bike is light on points and fast on speed.Battle report to follow.More to come,Doc

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