Justice League Dark

A memorable animated movie this is, as it is the first one I watched in the new house while unpacking the hobby room.In this 2017 movie from the DC brand, whom long time have been better then their theatre counterparts, we get to meet "another" Justice League.All over the States, violent murders are committed by people halucinating that they see demonic entities all round.  The League thinks it is magic at the source, but Batman is skeptical.  However, he is briefly possessed by Deadman who tells him to find Constantine.Looking up Zatanna, they search out Constantine, and together with Black Orchid and Deadman they look up Ritchie Simpson, a friend of Constantine and Zatanna whose days are limited due to cancer.  Their search leads to Jason Blood and he tells them about the sorcerer Destiny, planning to make a return after centuries into this world, and grouping up with Swamp Thing the hunt is on...It is a great movie, showing "that other" Justice League in action at last, based on their comic

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