Seven Years War Black Powder Game

Whilst at home I managed to play a large game of Seven Years War in 10mm at PAW.The field was occupied by a Prussian Army confronted by a combined Russian and Austrian force.We used the new edition of Black Powder, BP2.The table was 8 foot by 4 foot and the armies numbered over 50 battalions, with over 1000 foot figures.  Then of course we had the cavalry.The long view, AustroRussian on the left and Prussian on the rightMass Russian cavalry on the right wingLine and lines of red coated RussiansThe Austrians on the leftPrussian left wing cavalryPrussian centerPrussian right cavalryAustrians and Prussians clash in the centerOverview of the centerRussians on the hillAustrians and Prussians clash over the hedgesThe game came to an end too soon, so a marginal victory for the AustroRussians but it was a great game to play.BP2, with army list additions from Olicanlad (check out his great blog http://olicanalad.blogspot.com/)I love playing large games, to me this is what wargaming is all about....hence my aim of

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War of Spanish Succession Battle of Ramillies

Another, 'non project' and something I have wanted to do for quite some time.  Originally I had planned to use Pendraken miniatures but van Dyck figures (http://vandyckmodelsandfigurines.be/index.php/home.html) have started to release a new range of WSS figures.  So I picked up a couple of bags of basic infantry, suitable for French and Spanish and gave them a test paint.These representing the Spanish Regiment Zuniga, from Brigade Zuniga, Divison Birkenfeld.I did not have time to pick up the command packs before I came to work so I will buy these once home.The figures themselves are very nicely cast, no flash and very simple to paint, which suits my style.I look forward to expanding the collection as van Dyck expand the range.

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