15mm napoleonic french

WIP 15mm Westphalian light horse

Hi guysDespite my posting pics of infantry in my French revamp post, I'm starting off with a Cav unit, my aim is to try and use up any figs in my stash before buying new figs (only if I have to) so I'm converting the Westphalian light horse from OG Bavarian Chevaulegers.The helmet was wrong, so I have head swapped with some spare OG Carabinier heads, I have yet to change some details on the helmets, I have removed all the swords and drilled hands for lances, and given them wool shabraques.Yet to doHelmet detailsadd a sword and scabbardshape the lance and add pennantsQuestion : does anyone know if the Westphalian light horse had carbines? I cant see any in reference pics.  Before conversion

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My first 15mm Naps (23 years old) being revamped

Hi guysI don't know how many 10s of thousands of 15mm Napoleonic figures I have painted, its a lot, but the journey had to start somewhere, here are some pics of my first 15mm Napoleonic figures, painted 23 years ago, these are French, the white uniforms represent those Regts that were issues white for a short time when the French ran out of blue dye due to the British blockades.I was going to say how badly these guys are painted, but having blown up the pics they're not to bad, only need a wash and some highlights to be presentable.I managed to get 12 x 12 man Battalions, some arty, and some allies finished the first time, I will be doubling these to 24 man bats, repainting to all dark French blue, and re basing, aiming for a corps size force for 1809-10 Peninsular War.When I bought these guys there was no online, they were bought from my LHS, so I ended up with a mix of figures, most of these figs are Old glory for the command and centre companies, which I don't mind, (if I was starting from scratch I would

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