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Here Kitty, Kitty!

Over the last 50 years (giver or take) one of the most commonly used alien archetypes are Cat-people, call them Alslan  (Traveller), Kilrathi  (Wing Commander) or Kzinti from both novels and (Star Trek) and a host of others. They all have several traits in common with Earth  felines besidestheir obvious resemblance. The Pride/Clan social structure seems to be themost common form of government with a monarch of some type at the topbut he/she is still very much subject to how the clan leaders feel . They are usually quite xenophobic and territorial. Their technology is usually on par with humanity with some unique culturally old tech weapons held on to, justbecause.  This of course makes them interesting and fun to run. They alsoin many cases, (perhaps due to their clan structure) quite often go rouge either as an individual or up to an entire clan. Often this can be as a means of credible deniability for their central government or they just got pissed off

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Delta Vector: Subterranean War

Delta Vector: Subterranean War: Watching the Netflix's Ken Burns documentary The Vietnam War piqued my interest in the tunnel systems of Vietnam, and inspired musings ...I thought this was very well thought out! I've been toying with this idea for a Sci-fi setting of my own involving my transplanted Finns on an Ice world where the bulk of the population would live underground (AKA sort of a Hive world) where there are thermal springs that supply heat and energy (like Iceland). I'm thinking larger caverns connected by tunnels. These where found while mining (the main reason they moved to this rock in the first place, and what makes it valuable enough to fight over.) Thinking there would be a hard fight for the surface but, being badly out gunned and out numbered the defenders would be driven under ground and the fight would continue there. Also an opportunity hit and run raids from underground hitting the occupier on the surface....lots of options!

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Arcticon 2018 Tournament Event for Patrol Angis

There is nothing quite like the landing of a portable castle, Julian thought as the rumbling beneath his feet increased. Some meters below him, gigantic counter-thrusters were fighting against the gravity of Arcticonus Prime, slowing their descent from their orbital drop. This wasn’t his first time deploying from orbit, but this was the farthest he had ever been from his home system. Around him, strapped tightly into their drop harness’ were the men and women of the 32nd Prydian Muster Battalion, colloquially known as the “Bloody 32nd”. The unit patch was displayed on every shoulder he could see, and upon the door of their mobile barracks; a grim reaper with a bloody scythe, below that was the platoon’s motto “They’ll pay their due, to Thirty-two”. Julian leaned back as far as he could and closed his eyes. Sarge had gotten them though worse than this. A lot worse. This time though, the wouldn’t be alone. Noble Retained and Dysteria shared this portable castle with them along with a battalion of the rever

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