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Vehicle Schemes of the Third World War, Part 2 (The Soviet Union, Poland, and Czechoslovakia)

The Soviet Union and PolandThe Soviets had a multitude of camo patterns and paints during the war, but the most common base pattern was a color that compared very closely to FS (Federal Standard) 34077, a dark green known as Zashchitnuy Zelno that the Soviets had been painting their equipment in since 1956. Thousands of Soviet vehicles saw action wearing this color, and it was still the most common paint scheme in Soviet service, especially in Category III and Mobilization Only divisions, but this scheme was not limited to those units by any means.Soviet T-72B from unidentified division from 38th Army in Zashchitnuy Zelno scheme, Manchuria, 1996Soviet T-64 from postwar modeling magazine, taken from a photo from an actual example in Poland, ca. 1999 (Taken from Cybermodeler)Zashchitnuy Zelno SchemeThe Soviets had had field regulations regarding disruptive camouflage since the 1960s, but the colors were those used often for other purposes, such as primer coats for equipment or interior colors, and the applica

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Vehicle Paint Schemes of the Third World War Part 1, NATO

I am writing this as a companion piece to my previous article, as I felt that this needed more attention, not to mention the fact that paint schemes need a good base, and what better than the “historical” paint schemes of the time.Now that said, I get this is alternate history, and in the vehicle guides, there are their own interpretations of paint schemes that don’t bear any resemblance to what wound up on vehicles in the mid-1990s. GDW in their defense, wrote the books in the mid-1980s and much of the color plate work I must say was extremely speculative. They did what they could with no internet, and a reference library that was not at all the size of what is available to most modelers and gamers today. That said, I personally think they did a fine job, and one can get into the whys and wherefores of why they did what they did ad nauseum.Of course, we won’t be doing that.So, on with the show, as it were.The United States of AmericaCARC 3-Tone SchemeThe CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) 3 Color Sche

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Battlegroup - Cold War, and how to write some Twilight: 2000 army lists? And, some news from Ehliem Miniatures!

Hey all, sorry I have not written in a while, and this isn't going to be yet another review piece. Right now, I want to talk about converting rules to the Twilight: 2000 milleu and well, how difficult it can be sometimes, especially when you're writing a unofficial supplement to an unofficial supplement!So, Battlegroup Cold War is the product of Richard Chambers, the fellow who runs the Cold War Hot, Hot, Hot blog. He's basing his fan supplement off of the Battlegroup: World War II rules, written by Warick Kinrade and Piers Brand, which I am a huge fan of (some would say fanatical). I am also as we all know by this blog, a huge fan of things Twilight: 2000. So, like cookies and cream ice cream, I do want to combine the two, right?Well, it's not as easy as it sounds. For starters, a lot of the "units" in Twilight: 2000 are smaller cores of once proud divisions and brigades that have been shattered by unceasing combat, as well as the breakdown of the logistics network. They're often a collection of su

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