Tales Of Cromwell Tanks

If like me you love Cromwell tanks, then you will enjoy this video of annecdotes and facts about the British Cromwell Tank in WW2. The Cromwell first saw action in the Battle of Normandy in June 1944, equipping the armoured…Read more ›

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Jagdpanther with Hilary Doyle

Fantastic Video of the Weald Foundation operational Jagdpanther, presented by Hilary Doyle (renown German Armour Expert) with some absolutely fascinating and obscure facts included. A must watch if you are a WW2 Tank fan. Here is where you will find…Read more ›

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Goblin Knights or Armoured Trolls for Dragon Rampant and over 2,000,000 hits........

......too!!!!!!!!9 Goblin Knights from Alternative Armies, 28mm scale (actually 22mm scale) but being used for 15mm scale as mercenary armoured trolls for Dragon Rampant etc.......A few issues with sculpting but nothing major, I would have an army of these if they were 15mm, remind me a little bit of some of the bad guys in conan the barbarian? Also 2,000,00 hits milestone has been reached even with the last few years been very hit and miss with posts but onward and upwards from a caravan in Ireland.......Did some scale pics with 15mm copplestone castings to give some idea of size..............and I started my blog before Ray all those years ago!!!!!!!

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