[EN/PL] Blackbeard's Pirate crew #1 / Załoga piratów Czarnobrodego #1 (Black Scorpion Miniatures and Grabblecast)

Ar, ar you land rats!Today I invite you to the first entry associated with the pirates under the command of Blackbeard, an English pirate who in the years 1716-1718 prowled in the Caribbean Sea.       He was one of the most dangerous pirates of his time. A few more words about the that sea devil in the third post (along with my version of the model) and today the first two bad guys, types from under the dark star and gentlemen of a shameful reputation! Lucky Jack and Mr Gambling!I used for the entry:brilliant models (which many people have already asked about me) made of resin, with a lot of great details and very nice general appearance. LINK to Black Scorpion Miniaturesthe boat that I got from my friends from Grabbleast. It consists of four elements and is also made of resin (many manufacturers can envy the Grabblecast quality of its components for mockups and models!)https://northcarolinahistory.org/encyclopedia/the-pirate-blackbeard/Ar, ar szczury lądowe!Dziś zapraszam na pierwszy wpis

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[EN/PL] Smelly thing, or death in the toilet / Śmierdząca sprawa, czyli śmierć w toalecie ( Grabblecast Medieval Toilet)

I greet you in the humble DwarfCrypt abode!It's a smelly thing today and some dirt and shit will spill out. Ha! No, I'm not talking about the Polish miniatures blogosphere, and I invite you to watch the new wargaming terrain and read about a historical unfortunate who made his life in ... the toilet.Presented today resin toilet comes from the offer of my friends from Grabblecast, who were so nice and sent some of their new products.Price and photos of raw state ---> HERE <----A few photos already live on various social media and I know that you like it as an addition to the battle tables for Mordheim, Frostgrave and other skirmishes.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A few words about Henri de Valois (Henry III of France).The first Polish elected king, after the infamous escape from his new homeland to his native land, had to struggle with many internal problems. Paris and all of France was plunged in

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[EN/PL] The Wait is Over. 28 MAG is Here / Koniec czekania. Magazyn 28 już jest

Hello friends!Today, an entry encouraging to read the contents of the new (first!) magazine by hobbyists for hobbyists.A great treat for fans of dark varieties of Warhammer, Age of Sigmar, Mordheim, Inq28, Necromunda..The quintessence of the GRIM & DARKWell, of course, I would not be like if I did not show off my little episode ;-)It is a great honor to share a page with wonderful painters and graphic artists!28 is a digital magazine that focuses on unique and personal projects of the Warhammer hobby. It is released bi-annually and, as an entirely not-for-profit venture, is completely FREE TO DOWNLOAD! You can find the latest edition in the VOLUMES section.28 Facebook page and Instagram -------------------------------------------------------Cześć przyjaciele!Dzisiaj wpis zachęcający do przeczytania zawartości nowego (pierwszego!) magazynu robionego przez hobbystów dla hobbystów.Wspaniała uczta dla fanów ciemnych odmian Warhammera, Age of Sigmar, Mordheim, Inq28, Necromunda...Kwintesencja słów GR

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