30 Games 30 Days

September Games - Week Two

Still doing pretty good on the SECOND week of my September Game-A-Day Challenge...Sunday, 8 September 2019We started our long anticipated Necromunda Dominion Campaign this evening!There is some background and details of the starting gangs and territories here:The Bronze Gates Campaign (A Necromunda Dominion Campaign)It was a short and brutal fight that ended with the leaders of the two gangs in a vicious melee together!Full details of the game can be found here:Encounter a Fahr's PipeMonday, 9 September 2019On Monday Evening, Keira and I then played our first game. It did not go well for the One-Eyed Red Snakes (my House Delaque gang)...Full details of the game can be found here:Battle at Bilton's CornerTuesday, 10 September 2019Keira humoured me with a super quick game of Retro Lunacy after her dance classes.I won.and then I went to bed... not feeling really well - but I got in my game for the day!!Wednesday, 11 September 2019One Wednesday we tried out Twilight Squabble. Keira bought this when it came out a

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Fall Plans

Over the long weekend we all sat down to go over our clandars and sort out schedules for school and work and other activities and appointments and such. Looks like it’s going to be a busy fall and winter with all the extra yoga and dance and music and theatre classes lined up. Keira is taking six - SIX! – dance classes and volunteering at another for dancers with special needs! Both kids are taking Improv. Amanda and I are both taking two dance classes (Irish for me, a Burlesque Group dance class for Amanda and we’re taking a Ballroom Dance class together!)… Cello… violin… Amanda’s teaching FOUR regular yoga classes… it’s a little crazy!We did manage to set aside a few times a week for games, though – mostly on the weekends!GAMESFriday Night is Boardgame night – Ostensibly a FAMILY boardgame night, but I’m not forcing anyone to play. The idea is to pick a game we’ll play on Friday evening, see who is interested in playing, if the kids aren’t I’ll see if other friends are interested. I’ve decided to further re

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September Game-A-Day Challenge 2018 - Part 1

For the last few years I've found that are game-playing kind of falls off in the summer and we try to spend a bit more time outside, and so in September I've tried to jumpstart our game playing with a bit of a challenge of some sort. I think the first year, the challenge was to simply play a game everyday for the month of September. Later I instituted a rule that it had to be a DIFFERENT game each day for the entire month. This year I kind of backed off on that, but we've tried to select games that are on our 25x5 list.  Well, here's how it's gone so far...Saturday, 1 September 2018 - No Game! Well... that's a bit of an inauspicious start to a month of gaming every day!? We did BUY some game stuff on the first! I picked up the Drukhari Kill Team starter (for Amanda!) and the Death World Forest Kill Zone. Finnegan picked up the Deathwatch Kill Team starter and The Girl bought Unstable Unicorns.Sunday, 2 September 2018 - Unstable UnicornsThe girl had bought this the day before. She'd first seen i

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