33 - 1813 Albacete Campaign

Summary of Albacete Campaign

Campaign Phases fought in SpainAlbacete is the twelfth campaign fought in Spain, and the sixth in southern Spain.Of the six campaign phases fought south of Madrid, the French won three and the Spanish also three.   Albacete is pretty typical of the southern campaigns.   The French tend to do well in the early stages of the campaign, then the guerrilla bands come into play and the French lines of supply come under pressure.   This slows down the French advance, and allows the defeated Spanish field army to recover.In wargames the French are only slightly superior to the Spanish.   But they usually have more cavalry, and this can be a game winner.   However as always the table top winner is usually the one who throws the best dice.In this campaign the French were weaker than usual.   They had three full strength corps and a reserve corps of four infantry brigades.   The Spanish had two corps similar to the French, and two with less infantry a

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Albacete Campaign – Day 12

Campaign Map on 19 September 1813 Giron launches a surprise attack by his whole army on Hellin                                    Suchet has dispersed his army to support his supply basesHe has concentrated his supplies at Hellin, and is not prepared to abandon themHe orders his army to concentrate and hold the town Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE

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