Thunder Chrome 3 – Highway to Castle Painskull

So whats makes Thunder Chrome JS different? Simple, the main element that really changes this up is modular kits. Just like your Favourite GW miniatures, Thunder Chrome designs are all modular You print the pieces you want and put together like a giant jigsaw [...] The post Thunder Chrome 3 – Highway to Castle Painskull appeared first on Tabletop Games UK.

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3D Printing, first steps..

After hearing that our local library system generously offers up 3D printing services, for free, to library patrons, I decided to start taking advantage of this service. I’m really glad I did. The combination of cheap, easy browser based modeling and slicing tools (TinkerCad), giant repositories of existing models that are cropping up all over the place on the web (most importantly, Thingiverse), and most importantly, an affordable way to turn the printouts into tangible things you can touch and use is just a fantastic combination for me. First Print job: ships guns for my Cruel Seas 3rd Party freighter I bought at Cold Wars I know, I know, this is probably old hat for a lot of you. Understand, I have wanted to get into 3D printing for a while now, but I found the idea of learning sculpting using Blender to be incredibly daunting. I’ve tried in the past– back when anything you wanted to create for printing, you had to create out of nothing. That was a tough road to hoe. With the advent of Sh

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