3D Print

Printed Terrain, Age of Sails and Legos

A package arrived with a couple of 6mm Adeptus Titanicus terrain, that was 3d printed in grey PLA. After I had a few ruins printed for base decoration, I found further files on thingiverse and Florian was kind enough to put them on his Ender. A first couple of items was printed and look how […]

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A New Era, 3D printing

After a long wait and much debating I broke down and bought a 3D printer.  The model I got was a CR 10s and it took awhile to get it set up and figured out.  At this stage I feel like learning 3D printing is something you almost need to be mentored into as there are so many variables, it is not just plug and play yet.  That being said, the quality you can achieve is incredible.The following is my first offering on the Thingverse account I set up.  I do a lot of conversion work and for starters I'm using Tinkercad to create the backpacks and gear I need in quantity for my projects.  I really like Tinkercad.  For a free, browser run app it can't be beat.Anywho, my first entry:https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3291833/filesMore to come,Doc

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Blackstone, 3D-Prints and Birthdays

Let me sum up this week. I'm currently preparing the review on Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress. If you pre-order it, many stores will give you posters and a poker chip as a bonus. And I already gathered a couple of miniatures for the scale comparison shots. In case you have any wishes, what I should […]

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