3D Printing

3D Printed 15mm Fortified Farm - Done (well almost..._

 The farm is 95% done - I still need to paint the wagon and add some additional "farm-yard" details but the piece is pretty much ready for the table top.  I'm actually very pleased how it came out.Once the buildings where painted they were given a black wash to bring out the details (no pictures of that step).  I was a little nervous doing this out of concern the wash would highlight all the print layers.  My concerns were somewhat valid but the whole look is fine. I used a new (for me) wash formulation which was a 50/50 mix of water and matte medium, a few drops of flow aid and black and brown acrylic ink.  I'm finding ink based washes to be superior to paint based ones.   Like a lot of my recent scenery ideas, I got this one from the wonderful Black Magic Craft Youtube channel - if you like making scenery, go check it out.  Jeremy does fantasy and D&D stuff bit the techniques have a much wider set of applications.After the wash dried, the next step was to add some floc

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3D Printed Wall Farm in 15mm scale - Basing and Initial Paint Up

A few weeks again the first test printing of a walled farmhouse in 15mm scale was finished.  It consists of 18 separate pieces and came out rather well.  My next step in of my 3D printing adventure is to see how well these things paint up. Since I'm experimenting, why not vary all the elements - so I'm also experimenting with different materials.  First up is the base- which is made of chip board.  Chip board is essentially the same thing one finds as a backer for legal pads.  Given this is 15mm, I did want to try something that would be thin so the base edge doesn't stand out.  I'm using 1/16 inch thick board.  The pieces in 6 inches wide by 11.5 inches long. The chip board I purchased is defined as medium weight and, in hind sight, I should have gone with the heavy weight version as I think that will be more durable.With any card-board based material that's used for basing it's important to protect all of the surfaces (even the bottom) from moisture and wear and

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15mm Napoleonics & 3D Printing

 Next year's Historicon game, as currently envisioned, will require a lot of new 15mm scale early 19th century terrain and I wanted to see how 3D printing might be put to use.  There is also an ulterior motive in that I wanted to get my tech-expert son back involved with the hobby. Pictured is out first "co-production" - a walled French farmhouse in 15mm scale.  I think it came out really well.  Please note these pieces are just butted up together and haven't been fully cleaned up yet.I purchased the 3D printable files from a company called Printable Scenery.  The files are originally scaled for 28mm but it's very easy to scale them down to 15 by setting the scale function to 60%.I'm really happy with how these came out and will mount and scenic the farmstead over the next few days.  The whole thing consists of 18 separate pieces.One of the cool things about 3D printing is the ability to have interior details in the print.  The Barn has full interior detailing while the hous

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