40k Eldar

40k Aeldari Eldar Rangers

Take aim! More Xeno! Eldar Rangers was what I did after the earlier Eldar Reaper project. These Eldar Rangers are fine cast as well. Thus, its the same issue with the quality of the miniature. Fine cast tend to warp bend especially if there’s long sticking objects in the miniature. I guess for the Eldar Rangers the rifle tend to warp bend over time. Even straighten after using a hair dryer, they still do warp over time. Client wanted a lava sort of theme base. The platform where the Eldar Rangers stand were made from cork material sheet. Had to tear them up to form the platform looking design on the base. The Eldar Rangers cloak were painted with a orange grey sort of camo design as requested by client. The orange camo cloak design camouflages with the lava base theme design as intended… -1 BS to shoot! haha!

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40k Aeldari Dark Reapers

Xeno for a change. Got a project for 40k Aeldari Dark Reapers. I recalled when I was doing this project, the pain wasn’t coming from Drukhari, but the pain was coming from fine cast. Painting fine cast miniatures are really a pain still though. The imperfect texture and areas where there’s bubbles, sometimes I just ignore those pain and just carrying on painting. Refreshing colours for a change. Client wanted a dark grey and orange sort of colour scheme to match his army I recalled. The orange was fun to work with, I had to test out different shade to finally achieve this desired one. Overall, the 40k Eldar Dark Reapers still looks good with colours!

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40k Eldar Windraiders

Completed this squad of Eldar Windraiders a while back. Totally forgotten all about it until I was sorting out my photos. Recalled this was a urgent project and the Windraiders came and left. Had the squad of Windraiders painted in the same blue colour scheme as client’s Eldar squad colour. The Eldar pilot was done in a grey shade and a white helmet design. The stripe design on the Windraiders I had to mask it with a Tamiya masking tape forming a V shape design, thereafter, painting the stripe design with a thinned down grey and then highlighted it with white. Though I painted the stripe with thinned paint over few layer, I still get a little of painted built up at the edges of the masking. After the removal of the masking tape, with a little clean up with extra fine sandpaper, everything looks good to roll out! Cheers!

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