40k Space Wolves

40k Space Wolf Bjorn the Fell-Handed

I painted a Bjorn Fell-Handed earlier. For this Bjorn, client wanted it as a collection rather than for gaming. He mentioned this was his favourite character from the 40k world. The base was from Dragon Forge base. Have always liked Dragon Forge bases, they detailed and high quality. For this Bjorn the Fell-Handed, I used airbrush to paint as compared to the other client’s which is hand painted only. The chassis was airbrushed, which has that rich gradient flow as compared to hand painting Bjorn. I guess ever since I started airbrushing, my method of painting has evolved. Basing and base colour shading all starts with the airbrush, then after which the detail painting follows.

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40k Space Wolves Bjorn The Fell-Handed

I guess this had to my first 40k Space Wolves project. Completed this Space Wolves Dreadnought Bjorn The Fell-Handed a while back. The colours were standard Space Wolves design which was nothing to shout about. I added battle damages and paint chipped on random areas of the dreadnought. The back of the dreadnought had be to weathered with black weathering powder from Secret Weapon miniatures to give an engine grinding feel. A snow themed based was requested by client. For the snow, it was a mixture of army painter snow, PVA glue and baking soda powder. I had to experiment with a few mix to get the correct snow feel. On a snow themed base, Bjorn The Fell-Handed, definitely looks ready and awesome! Cheers!

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