MORE Moon Base Klaisus - STC -Ryza Pattern Ruins

I finished up the STC-Ryza Pattern Ruins that came with the Moon Base Klaisus box set. These are all the wall bits that came with the boxed set. The was also a crate with the  Inquisition symbol on it (who knows what they could be storing in there) and trapdoor/access hatch (which, I have just realized, I haven't yet painted... so this isn't TOTALLY done!?)I tried to do them in buildings sets with separate colours - for a little variety.As I was setting this out on the kitchen table to take pics (too big to set up outside in the better light...) Finnegan noted that there probably ought to be rubble as there weren't many weapons that would destroy walls, but leave no detritus behind... I agreed, but pointed out GW was probably trying to find a balance between "realism" and "playability" (and cost!).I figure this represents the remaining terrain that matters in the game - the stuff that gives real cover (although, arguably, piles of rubble could also give cover) but to model all that would make the set ver

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Sector Munitorum Kill Zone

This week I've mostly been working on the Sector Munitorum Kill Zone terrain for Kill Team. I was hoping to have enough terrain for two small Kill Zone boards, and with the completion of these containers, I think I probably have enough to get by.The rush to get stuff done is because I'm going to be running a little Kill Team campaign next week. for the last week of summer vacation a couple of the kids friends (Da Boyz) will be coming over everyday this coming week - Monday to Friday - to hang out for the day and play Kill Team and hang out and paint miniatures and stuff. I'm calling it Kamp Kill Team. Stay tuned as I will post daily reports of the shenanigans we get up to!Eight new Munitorum shipping containers. Six of them came from the Sector Munitorum Kill Zone box, the other two came with the Drop Force Imperator box. The smaller crates and barrels I painted previously. I still have a few Galvanic Servohaulers from the box to assemble and paint and a PILE moreI tried tagging a few - but only a few as

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