AoS – Chaos Hellcannon

Another model “from old times” – Chaos Hellcannon. Tons of green stuff and putty… The figurine is as old as Warhammer’s world, but it still has its charm. All the elements are of course made of metal and I had to fight to make it all fit. I had to make a few compromises and glue a few elements in a different way than by default. I hope it came out decently! I invite you to take a look at some additional photos. Commission painting services: minisforwar@gmail.com

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AoS – Archaon Everchosen

Welcome! I would like to present you a model from the army of Chaos – Archaon. This is its old, metal version. Definitely one of the best models from the old chaos line – no longer produced. Due to its dimensions, the model is very heavy, difficult to assembly and finish. I used a lot of green stuff on it Almost all elements are also pinned together in order to increase the figure’s resistance to shocks. I invite you to see a short gallery of photos and a nostalgic return to the Old World. Greetings and see you in the next post! Commission painting services – minisforwar@gmail.com

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