Clear Horizon Miniatures Ebay Find

From seller:What you see is what you get. This is a large lot of 15mm sci-fi models in resin and metal. Most of it is from Clear Horizon Miniatures but there are some large mechs from Prodos Games. Assumed complete but not sure as most has never been taken out of bags. I know for a fact there’s an apc missing a rear hatch as I had pulled it out and dry fit it. The two super heavy tanks alone are worth $70 and the entire lot is worth in excess of $300 I think. I just want it gone. Suitable for games like Gruntz or Tomorrow’s War and such. There are infantry, apcs, drop ships, tanks, fighter aircraft, drop pods, mechs of differing size and armament. I ship the first business day after receiving paymentNot too bad for $100.00!

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