adeptus titanicus

Adeptus Titanicus

When Adeptus Titanicus was announced I started saving money so I could jump in with both feet.  Today it was released and I purchased two Grand Master Editions and the large terrain set.  I have always liked EPIC however it was hard to find anyone to play.  Now with AT out I  can start pushing around titan models again.Adeptus Titanicus is set in The Horus Hersey and is not EPIC.  Only the Warlord Titan and the Knights have been released at this time.  The Warhound and Reaver Titans are scheduled to be released in the future.  This will make the game a bit stale until the new titans are released.  We also have been told that weapons will be released in the future but have not seen anything at this time. I am not sure what the future holds for this game if it is only going to be titans.  There are not that many different titans in The Horus Heresy leaving very little room for expansions.  They can release weapon packs but even that will be limited to just a few

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Adeptus Titanicus is here

Today saw the release of Adeptus Titanicus from Games Workshop. Though I did not play the original Adeptus Titanicus fgame back in 1988, I did buy some of the miniatures and bought more when Space Marine was released in 1989. I also didn’t buy Titan Legions which came out in 1994. I really did get … Continue reading "Adeptus Titanicus is here"

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