Advance Squad Leader

Museumfest Advance Squad Leader Mini con

Every year around this time P.J. Norton puts on a two day event.  The main theme is Advance Squad leader.  It is for the Detroit Area ASL players.  Some what of a dying breed of broad gamers.  AS you will see in the pictures not too many younger folks.  Also other broad gamer are welcome to join. It occurs twice a year.  The Fest is held  at Michigan Military Technical & Historical Society

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Solo or Solitaire games

In a month and a half  I will be having my knee replaced.  The first 6 to 8 weeks I can't drive, climb stairs or have sex..  Well I my age sex is 😄.  Now one of the face back ASL gaming pages a member talked about Retro game rules.. What I was to look at the bottom of the page.  Damn if there is a link to free Solo free rules.Solo rules for Retro    The company has a great collection of other games.   Link here:Minden GamesBy ordering direct from the company you can some next perks.  If you order off Amazon they are available.   Take a look.

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