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Six dark secrets of a small town

  As your party are travelling across some of the less populated areas of the country, you happen across a small village. It doesn’t appear on the map and it is strangely located. No one comes out this way, how and why would people live so far off the beaten track?   From the mouths of babes   The village seems ordinary enough but there is a strange terror in the look of the villagers when they see you approaching. They don’t like outsiders but you’re not quite sure why. This fear of the unknown doesn’t reach as far as the village’s children though, they’re as happy and carefree as any other children you might have met. If not happier and more carefree.   With some investigation it becomes clear that several of the village children have innate magical abilities and are using their powers to control the grown ups and do whatever they want! That explains why the village makes so much candy and yet exports so little.   Domesticated bliss   The village is old and run down. Huge chunk

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