Waifs and Strays

Back in April, we upgraded the cruisers and escorts of the British Aeronef fleet when they were released at Salute. However, not all of our planned releases made the cut – two models, the replacement for the Agamemnon monitor and the brand new Orion class light cruiser, weren’t released at the time because of casting […]

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For the Glory of... Austro-Hungary?

I picked up some Austro-Hungarian Aeronef cheap at the start of the year on eBay. My buddy Matt and I intend on playing some games with them. He has, in fact, procured the age old enemies of the Austro-Hungarians, the Japanese. We're likely going to bash a few rule sets together into something that's quick and fun. I've got a few more things left to build (battleships, fixed wings and a carrier) but this is the lion's share of them. Just a simple base, wash and drybrush. I've got a few details left to do but I don't think I'm going to go full orange Eldar on these.

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Packing Them In

The continued release of new and redesigned models means that occasionally we tweak the contents of our Aeronef and Spaceship fleet packs to accommodate the new vessels and increase the variety across them. To this end, we’ve just updated the contents of some of our British spaceship and German Aeronef packs. Conveniently we sold out […]

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