Agathon the Voice in the Darkness

Infernal CID Week 3 Changes

Some interesting changes to the Infernals for week 3. So now summoning happens during the Master's activation, they spend Essence, and replace a model with the Marked Soul rule with the Horror. You are expending two resources. Essence, which is a finite supply, and a Marked Soul, which are the many useful characters in the army but not the cultists. Though I guess Quintus Faustus is a Marked Soul.So what are the Cultists for without Marked Soul? Well, for one thing, they can still be sacrificed for Essence. However, they won't be able to bring horrors onto the table without sacrificing the Marked Souls on the table.So now in list building you're going to be counting Marked Souls and actually weighing the risks and benefits of sacrificing them away. I feel like Quintus will be a popular sacrifice for a horror, as he can Ambush with his Cultists and Agathon's 18" Control Area will be able to reach him to place horrors in the backfield that his unit can then fill up with Essence.And once Regna has outl

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Game 12: Agathon the Voice in the Darkness vs. Cyrenia and the Faithful Masses

Tested a game but the results are somewhat invalid. I deployed the wrong Horrors and didn't notice until later. I'm still reporting on the game as if that didn't matter, though.Playing the part of Infernals were:Agathon- HarbingerForeboder- Stormwall StormpodTormentors - Dire Troll MaulersLord Roget d'Vyaros - Orin MidwinterGreat Princess Regna Gravnoy - Obavnik ZerkovaMordecai - Broadsides BartUmbral Guardians - Exemplar WardersValin Hauke - GravusCultist Band with Quintus Faustus - Holy Zealots with Monolith BearerCultist Bands 2 and 3 - Choir and Holy ZealotsHowlers - FennbladesInfernal Gate - Shrine of the LawgiverDesolators - Dire Troll BombersSoul Stalkers - Angelius (serpentine!)Playing the part of Sole Arbiter of All Things and Coach was Phil Koziol:Some easy mistakes that we didn't notice until later. Agathon lost the roll to go first. We saw the Intelligence rule later on and we would have re-rolled. Going first with summoning horrors seems like it should be good.Secondly, going second I chose the w

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Agathon, the Voice in the Darkness

Everyone refers to Agathon as "it," so we'll not assume its anything here othe rthan to say that it is a Master among the Infernals. Like the other Infernal masters, Agathon sits on a large base, making it an easy target aside from the fact that it likes to summon horrors every turn.In the latest update, they gave it Dark Mysteries. If you kill a Marked Soul (one of the ubiquitous cultists, perhaps) in its considerable 18" control area, Agathon gets to cast a spell for free. To me that means that it will like having Cultists on the table. Like, a lot of Cultists. Like, enough Cultists that you have to kill one if you can.The spells Agathon can cast are a strange swiss army knife of abilities. It can can cast Censure, a form of dispel that can be countered by taking damage. Curse of shadows as an armor debuff. Nuke from 12" with Dark Fire. Control with Dark Seduction. Nuke with Hellmouth.Agathon can cast Teleport out of activation.They seem to have taken Hellbound away from Agathon, though, so now casting a Da

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