Age of Magic

Adapting a WFB army: Part 1 Age of Magic

The easiest way to get involved in playing one of the three rulesets that The Fantasy Project is working with is to, if you have one, adapting an existing army that was built for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Odds are though that what you have are the beginnings of an army that wasn’t completed and so while you might not have a full WFB force you have some painted minis that you can use. Each ruleset, Dragon Rampant, Age of Magic and Warlords of Erehwon, have different ways of paying for units and monsters as well as different unit sizes. Thankfully each ruleset is fairly flexible and it will let you get the most out of your existing army. A small note, I do not yet have a copy of Age of Magic so I am basing my comments on what I have read in other articles and seen in videos. Age of Magic also has ‘sublists’ for each army theme and I will not be dealing with them at all or any of the oddities of the lists like the lack of Levy troops in the Otherworld list. Empire Brigade army box For the purp

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Announcing The Fantasy Project

For some time I have been looking for a set of fantasy rules that let me play smaller scale games that Warhammer Fantasy, Kings of War or Age of Sigmar without some of the complicated insanity of rules like HoTT. Some time ago Osprey Publishing released their Dragon Rampant rules which are a variant of the Lion Rampant historical rules. They are a flexible set of rules but despite having them for some time I never ‘pulled the trigger’ on a game of them. Recently Warlord Games published their Warlords of Erehwon rules and Studio Tomahawk released the Age of Magic expansion for their Saga game system. Each ruleset has a different approach to fantasy gaming but plays at roughly the same level and so I thought that it would be an interesting project to build two armies and then use each ruleset to play some games and see what sort of game experience each of them gives. It is also an excuse to finally finish two fantasy armies that I have been wanting to get done but never had the impetus to do so. Wha

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