Where To Start With Airbrushing: Part Two

Acquiring an airbrush has changed my hobby life for the better. I'm here to inform you and convince you to stop sitting on the face and grab one. Else, if you linger, you'll end up wondering how you ever survived without one just as I did. [...] The post Where To Start With Airbrushing: Part Two appeared first on Tabletop Games UK.

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Painting "Drakkar Rider AD750" (SBS)

I have 40 photos for you from the completed "Drakkar Rider AD750" project. A very nice miniature in the 54mm scale from Andrea Miniatures. If you have any questions, leave them in a comments section. I will try to give exhaustive answers :)Mam dla Was 40 zdjęć z ukończonego projektu "Drakkar Rider AD750". Bardzo fajny model w skali 54mm od Andrea Miniatures. Jeśli macie jakieś pytania to pozostawcie je w komentarzach. Postaram się udzielić wyczerpujących odpowiedzi :)READ MORE »

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Painting Catachan Tanks

I’ve begun my Catachan regiment already! After saying it might be a few months! I saw a couple of Hellhounds on eBay for £20 and one on a Facebook group for £25 and thought I’d make the plunge. Now I have begun, it’s time to look at painting Catachan tanks! Forgeworld also has free shipping on orders over £75 so I grabbed three Cyclops Demolition vehicles too. Never miss an article? Subscribe! So now I have a Catachan Vanguard Detachment and a Spearhead Detachment. HQs could be a Tank Commander at some point in the future or a Commissar or […] The post Painting Catachan Tanks appeared first on Warhammer 40K Blog.

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